Is there anyone here who knows about this kind of thing ?

Basically i live somewhere with Virgin Cable and have the 20mb Broadband, but will be moving next month to somewhere with just a phone line, so the most that anyone can offer is between 1.5 & 3.5 with a better guess at about 2.5 maximum

The trouble is, i dont really use it for downloading, i use it for uploading, because our TV shows go via FTP, and at just less than 10gb each, and doing around 2 a month, i cant drop down to those kind of Upload speeds ( currently get 2.9 up on Virgin, hate to think what i would get on a phone line ! )

Had a quick look at Satallite systems, and not as bad as you might think, theres a cost to get the equipment and fit it etc, but then you can get a 10mb down / 2.1 up service for about 50 a month, the trouble is, they have data limits, and its about 13gb for that, which means i would go over ever single month, theres no charge, they just limit you to basically dial up speeds until the next period, or you can top up 1gb for about 10, which is going to start getting expensive !

I saw another company offering a package that had an unlimited nightly use policy, so between 11pm & 5am you could schedule transfers and not use your allowance, which is ideal, but sadly they only had an up speed of 256kbs , which is useless

So, does anyone know any company that would fit the bill? or any other options?

Thank you