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Thread: sweeper sweeper !

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    Default sweeper sweeper !

    finally, i made a really senseless youtubevideo, besides all my senseless youtube videos!

    Das Fegevideo - YouTube

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    As an exercise in how to make something boring look interesting I think you did a good job. I didn't like the cropping in and out at around 1:00 but thought you had some interesting ideas like the colour change when you used the small brush and dustpan.

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    If you only just knew how fanatical the germans are about cleaning the out side of thier houses!! Great vid and lots of very suttle effects there. Would of been better with something at the end, i don't know what maybe a leave blower or something.
    DUDE were's my car

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    i really thought of a leave blower but the simple sweeping was actually the idea.. but it would have been pretty funny

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    Nice shots and editing!.....not sure what the point was though, but its all good practice!

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