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    Hey everybody,

    Below is a synopsis of our short film "ACE",2011. Please be sure to watch!

    Christopher J Austin is a contract killer who works for a Mob force comprised of three men who call themselves ACE. He carries out their hits using his undeniably talented skills of destruction. But as feelings in a relationship grow stronger, his whole life starts to slowly unravel before him. ACE is an action-packed crime drama that focuses on the central conflict of a Hitman who begins to question and doubt his actions when he falls in love with a woman, leading to his slow but ultimate quest for redemption.

    EXCLUSIVE! ACE Short Film! - YouTube

    Be sure to suscribe to our channel on youtube and facebook. Stay tuned for further projects heading this year!

    Best wishes
    Silverline Production: Film & Design | Facebook

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    Nice work man, tight editing, good acting, the bullet impact on the house/windows were very cool, how were they done? long did it take to film?...what equipment?....budget?

    Only constructive feedback i could give is the sound levels could have been better in places and the lighting didnt work in places, but overall, much better than where im at right now!

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