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Thread: How to re-encode video to same format without issues?

  1. Default How to re-encode video to same format without issues?

    I want to replace the audio of a video I made and re-encode it to the same format (I assume this is what I would have to do)but I am experiencing choppy frames in certain areas of the rendered video when I do this.the original video is:1920 x 1080,codec: H.264, AAC,bitrate: 32,310framerate: 29.97I tried re-encoding it to these exact specs and even higher but both times the results were choppy when rendered and played back.the only thing I changed was the audio from 48khz to 44.....but that shouldn't have any effect on the video being choppy....Any insight as to why this is happening and how I can resolve this issue / re-render it with the new audio without losing any quality?would be greatly appreciated!thanks

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    If you have access to the original project files, I would use this to encode from the original video. By re-encoding, you're going to lose quality. You might want to try videoredo tvsuite h.264, which i understand can remux.
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    yea, silly me....I went and deleted the original clips thinking I wouldn't need them again....

    honestly as far as the areas where it isn't going choppy, I notice little to no loss of quality, at least that my eyes can I just need to figure out how to resolve the choppiness

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