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    Im after clarification on a copyright issue. A music documentary I edited is possibly going to be included with the accompanying album and uploaded to iTunes.

    It features 10 seconds of a 1950's film 'The Man Who Cheated Himself' and is used at the beginning of a comedy skit we created.

    I downloaded it from (The man who cheated himself : Jack M. Warner : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive) where it lists the film's copyright as Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 (Creative Commons — Public Domain Mark 1.0).

    The way I understand it is that I am free to use it in the manner in which I have but I wanted to double check. Its currently not mentioned in the credits, should it be?

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    Yes, it does look like you can use it ok according to that information but giving a credit at the end of the piece may be advisable. A little known music documentary using 10 seconds of a 50 year old B movie should be pretty safe form the jaws of Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp lawyers. I would seek professional advice if you are worried about this as it's a bloody mine field.

    I am not a legal expert in this field and any advice or comment is give as a personal opinion of what should be right and fair.

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