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Thread: Sony vegas platinum 9.0 big problems

  1. Default Sony vegas platinum 9.0 big problems

    Hi everyone, any light anyone can shed on this is greatly appreciated.
    Basicly.. I have been working with a hp computer editing with a budget version of Sony vegas, that being platinum 9.0, for the past year and have completed around 7 or 8 projects and had no real problems doing so and had some really great work produce with the software. However I shot a short film earlier last year using a sony z1 and a sony v1 and uploaded around 8 or 9 hours of footage onto an external hard drive and left the project for a while. I have recently come back to begin editing the project using the budget software and it just does not seem to be able to cope with it, it was fine at first now I get black areas when I play back on certain parts of the timelione, some files on the timeline are appearing red and the biggest oroblem is 90% of the time I go to continue my work on the project the program freezes and takes me the best part of ten minutes to close and exit. This is very frustrating as it was working fine until I got to around the 7 minute mark and I tried to work through it but it just kept getting worse to the point where it is not even possible to use 1 funtion on the program without it freezing. The film is only 9 minutes in all I have used the exact same proccess and completed 30minute weeding videos aswell as I frature documentary the I put together that was an hour long and these all run smoothely. The project is important to me so chances are I will wait a while till I can replace my entire set up get a high spec computer and run vegas pro and begin the project again but it would to know what is going on or if anyone has had these problems? I will provide my computer spec below.

    Once again, I would be very greatfull for any feedback. Thanks

    HP [Pavilion dv9700
    AMD Turion64 x2 mobile technology tl60 2ghz
    2047mb ram

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    Was the previous footage standard DV ? and the new project HDV

    Is the pc a single processor?

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    Thanks for the response.

    I think the computer is single processer but how do I know for definate so I can answer that 100%.?

    All my projects have gone through the same process, the footage is capture in hdv then downcoverted to sd when uploaded using ilink port. They are wmv files and the files have been fine in other projects such as short promos I edited for the film last year.

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    right click on the bottom task bar and select TASK MANAGER, PERFORMANCE tab and see how many CPU boxes you can see.

    With the 7 hours footage I am just guessing that the system is getting clogged and you are getting not responding on SV, I get it on mine when its waiting for a network drive

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    there are 2 boxes under where it says cup usage history.

    what would u recomend I do? are u saying that the problem is the amount of files I have imported into the project is blocking the software and it cant cope with edited with that amount of footage?

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    Go back and try a project that worked OK last time and if it is OK then that will help point the finger in the right direction.

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    yeh, i did this with a weddng video i shot that runs 30 minutes and it seems to run smooth

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