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Thread: My first work Sony Vegas Pro 10

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    Default My first work Sony Vegas Pro 10

    Here is my final edited Sony Vegas Pro 10 video : Derrick Rose 2011 highlights [dubstep] - YouTube

    Tell me your opinion and criticism about the vid . Enjoy ;P

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    I don't know if that's the right place but i wanted to ask is the Sony Vegas pro 10 easier to edit from other programs for new in the video editing ?

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    Default cool vid

    good work ..

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    Great work! I'm new to Pro too, so I can't give you any advice, sorry, but I love how you edited it.

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    I found a bit hard to follow, maybe cause Im not such a sportfan. I think I liked it better if there would have been a few parts in between the action that brings more peace.

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    To be honest it all rather samey. Lots of shots of some guy either putting a ball into a basket or stopping someone else doing it.
    This makes for rather repetitive viewing after 30 seconds.
    You really need to get some sort of stroyline going and (as umberella has said above) vary the pace somewhat.

    Imagine your favourite band. Now imagine plaing your favourite number by them over and over again. It's a great number, but repeating it doesn't make it any better - and actually lessens the impact somewhat.

    On the positive side, I liked your use of effects. Nicely subtle.

    Now let us see what you can do with footage which hasn't already been selected for broadcast by professionals.

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    Admit it, I'm no sportsman and even less if it's not based in England.
    I wondered why the teams kept changing colours - and sometimes the Venue changes (took me a while to spot this)....then I read the Title - it was this guy's highlights...

    Reminds me of the Monty Python film (but could have been someone else), it was a film of famous (football) Goals, but only a second each, so you only see a sequence of balls - a bit of fun.

    I agree with others seniors here, it needs something extra for "general viewers" - a storyline, that would be nice. A clip here and there of fans, the build-up, crowd applause, etc. (I halted it 1/2 way). I think to make it very clear the intro needs to show some "time device" like a calander - a fav. with Hollywood when colour came it - lovely red dates.

    Could this have ben done in VS? I'm not sure what extra-effects I'm missing.
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    Great stuff... love the tune!

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