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Thread: Struggling with Vegas sizing!

  1. Default Struggling with Vegas sizing!

    I'm struggling with the sizing method of Vegas Pro 11.0. I need my clips to be the best quality, yet can't quite work out how to achieve this.

    The site in which I need to submit says that the clips should be between 200-500MB, yet mine seem to only be between 2-3MB!!
    I am saving as a .MOV, and trying to set up for the best, but I must be overlooking something. I am new to this program, and I appreciate I have a lot to get through, however I need to get these off, so time is of the essence.
    The movies are between 5 and 30 seconds each, and I am not editing anything but length.

    The original files ARE between the requested sizes, but seem to reduce when rendered.

    Where am I screwing this up???

    Many thanks,

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    I just found out the problem. I am, however, too embarrassed to tell you all what it was!

    But any advice is always welcome...

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    Go on tell us. we won't laugh

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    I'll guess you had 'save only selected' turned on and got about 15 frames? Or your output res was 120x80 for a test render?

    I did the res thing once by mistake, but of course then realised that it's a quick way to do a test render for things like making sure audio is syncing - so as long as you learn from your mistakes eh?

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    Actually I did have 'save only selected' on, but it was selected about 300 frames away from the clip, and about 10frames long!

    Once I noticed this, swore a bit, kicked the dog and questioned my knowledge database, I fixed it, and all seems to be well...

    Thanks for the replies.


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