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Thread: Windows DVD not recognised?

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    Default Windows DVD not recognised?

    I have been given a DVD (-R) to copy and edit**
    When I put it in my Stand alone DVD player or PS3 the media plays fine.
    However when I try to look at the files on the disk in order to copy the .vob to my editing software there are either no files there (not even hidden ones), a message says windows cannot recognise the files on this disk, or the whole DVD drive locks up or becomes unnavailable.
    Have tried 4 different PCs and 5 different DVD drives.
    Can anyone help?

    Having just trawled the internet it seems that My Windows XP is seing the Disc as a RAW file system. And therefore does not recognise the files on it.
    Any ideas how I can see, copy, change the files so that Windows can see and copy or convert them?

    **This is not a commercial DVD and is not copyright protected. It is an old copy of a film made fro a museum client of mine!
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    Sounds like a disc that was never finalized (session closed). PC's wont recognise them. Search Google for software to remedy the problem, ie., ISOBuster.

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