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Thread: Please critique my videos :-)

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    Default Please critique my videos :-)

    Hey guys I'm new to the forums from Orlando, Florida (USA) and would love some feedback on these short clips:

    [further links deleted - ONE video per thread please!]

    Thanks I appreciate it!
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    If you post more than one video per thread it becomes confusing, so please edit your post so we can give you a critique on one video.

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    I think for once the hand held nature of the shots works well with the voluntary/charity aspect of the film - it makes it seem more real, more personal.
    I'm glad you've made an effort with the voiceover to get good, clear audio. We don't want to have to concentrate on makig out the words, just on taking it in. Even the live audio was reasonably clear for what I asssume was a camera mounted mic.

    Two areas could easily be improved - both of which scream "amateur".
    Firstly the zooms. Get rid of them! Cut from close to wide shots if you want to show both detail and context.
    Secondly, learn to use the white balance function on your camera and/or to white balance in the edit. It's perhaps not so bad if it is consitantly tinted with one colour (although it's not good), but here we had sudden changed in the colour of the film.

    Finally, in terms of the shots chosen, I thought we had rather too much of teh waiting around for Santa to lead us into the room - you knew this and have edited some out via fades through black. I realise what you're trying to do but I think you need to be a little more ruthless. Do all these bits really add anything to the film?

    On the other hand the actual shots of the kids opeing their presents were very well done - how often have we watched seemingly for hours as a child takes forever to remove wrapping paper. No, you nailed these shots. Who cares that the lighting may be in the wrong place, it's short and sharp and you captured teh reaction which is what makes this bit good in my books.

    I also thought you edited it to the soundtrack (or vice versa) very symnpathetically.

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