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Thread: gopro HD2 and Vegas 11

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    Default gopro HD2 and Vegas 11

    Hi, im trying to upload good quality videos to youtube but no matter what setting i use, all i get is 360p. I have a good quality vedeo on my pc from the gopro and cant seem o get it right. I record in 720p 60fps. i though i would buy a better edding suit than windows movie maker but its not working out that way for me. what settings should i be using to import and render to get the best hd vedeo on you tube.????


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    720 60p.

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    please treat me as a novice

    720 60p ?????????????

    whats this and where does it go?


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    Keeping the video rendering setting the same as the original footage will help keep the best quality. Choose the wmv or one of the mepg2 or mpeg4 templates and choose one which has 720p with a frame rate of 60 or 30fps.

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    thanks for your reply. no disrespect to you, but that really tells me nothing. i mean i have done all you say, and i have done everything everybody else says, but still the quality is crap, best i have uploaded ended up on youtube as 360p. i did better with windows movie maker and converting to AVI.

    what settings am i supposed to use at the begining when opening a new project?

    there must be somone else out there with a gopro HD2 that uses sony vegas that gets results. i have been on this for 3 days now and cant get it set right, its too fiddly....

    rant over (for now)

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    The project properties should match the original footage. You said you shot it in 720p 60fps so set the project properties to match that. If you did what I said you should have a nice looking video at 720p resolution. If you ended up with a 360p video on YouTube it's because you uploaded a 360p video onto YouTube OR you are seriously missing some thing.

    Post a link to the video so I can see it. Then I'll be able to make a better judgement.

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    ive deleted most of the rubbish vids ive uploaded... all i have left is this one, i know it says 720p but it cant be, look at it...

    Pevensey byway on KTM's GOPRO HD2 - YouTube

    when you open vegas, i have a box opened, and its says

    show tutarials
    start using vegas

    when you click new, the option for 720p 60fps isnt there... in fact not many at all. im confused.

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    Click on new and then open the project properties box at the top right of the box there is an icon which is called "Match Media Settings". Click on this and browse to the folder were your video files are and select one of them. Vegas will automatically detect the right settings for you.

    Having looked at your video, I think if you set the bit rate on your rendering settings to at least 15,000,000 bps I like to use the mpeg2 "Save Type" and would use the HDV 720-30p template.

    You are obviously confused about using Vegas but one you get to know it you will find it's a great piece of software. Perhaps following the tutorials might give you a better idea on how to use the software.

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    thanks i will give that a go... i watche all the tutorials, i can edit no problem now, its just the input and upload settings. still, thanks and i will keep you up to date.

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    If you note that there is no definitive upload to YouTube settings I prefer mpeg2 but others will say it's best to use mpeg4, then someone else will tell you .wmv is best. These are all correct a lot can depend on the original codec used and personal taste and preference. The best tip I can give you is keep the resolution, the frame rate, the bite rate etc. the same all the way through the process and this will give you the best results.

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