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Thread: UNIVERSITY FILM CONTEST- FINALIST- Please Check out my Video!

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    Default UNIVERSITY FILM CONTEST- FINALIST- Please Check out my Video!

    Hello, everyone, please check out the film my team made for a university film contest about accounting and the Chartered Accountant Profession.
    If you like the video, please vote by clicking "Like" on the YouTube page. I would appreciate that very much. I hope you enjoy our video!
    (the voting period ends January 16th)

    FINALIST - 2011 Glimpse Into Your Future CA YouTube Contest - YouTube

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    "Please check out a film about accounting" How could I resist?
    Very nicely shot, performed and edited - with the exception of the colour at 1.00-1.05 which really cheapens the film (it looks much worse because the rest is so good - if you can't get it much better in grading then re-shoot or remove).
    The idea is quite good, though to me the idea of becoming a CA and you can travel the world seems a bit of a strange way of selling the concept (you could use the same idea for selling any profession/line of work - if you're sucessful you can travel the world).
    I was about to shoud "no" at the pan backwards at 2.05 but immediately realised the significance. good sequence of very fast retrospective cuts ther.
    What really disappointed was the shot at back at the form should have started with the pen hovering (as it did when we left that shot at the beginning) and then ticking the box. having the box already ticked made me think he'd already made the decision before we saw the main sequence.
    Two more minor issues:
    The (near) silence at the beginning is a distraction. i immediately wanted to check my speakers were on and volume up rather than watch the film.
    The stupid neon lit PC in view at the beginning screams "I'm a gamer/geek" rather than I'm making one of the most important decisions of my life.

    hope that helps.

    PS I've deleted your duplicate post in "Pimp the Link". I'm sure you wouldn't want us to think you were spamming
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    I agree with all of Tims comments. BUT I don't see whats wrong with neon lit computers I've got one at work.

    The only other thing is the wobbly shot of the close up of the eyes at around 2:12.

    Well done for making accounting seems just a bit interesting.

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