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    Hi, I am new on this so hope I'm doing this right. I have a Panasonic TM900 which so far seems an excellent camera I am using Movie Studio 11 Platinum for editing. My problem is I can't burn to DVD as my burner is not recognized. I used to burn DVD's using Ulead Video Studio but but VS is hopeless at editing HD. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

    Cheers, Roy

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    Does Windows recognise your burner ?

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    Thanks for the swift reply. Yes it does and seems ok with other software. Was wondering if it didn't see the burner because maybe I was trying to burn the wrong file type.

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    I don't see why Vegas doesn't see your burner if Windows does. When you say the wrong file type doesn't Vegas take what's on the time line and automatically convert it to mpeg2/vob files.

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    That's what I would have thought but I am very new to Vegas, its quite a learning curve after VS. Thanks for your interest I will persevere and get back if I have any luck. Roy

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    The only thing I can think is that your selecting to burn a Bluray but you only have a DVD burner. Apart from that I'm stumped.

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    SUCCESS!! I think I have sorted it. Thanks to advise on forums, in movie studio I went into options - preferences - CD settings and ticked 'Skip drive database; auto detect drive capabilities on startup' and also ticked 'Use legacy drivers'. This solved the problem in Movie Studio but had to do similar in DVD Architecture. In DVDA I went into options- preferences- Burning- and ticked 'Use legacy drivers'. All seems ok now will see how I get on. Thanks again. Roy

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    Quote Originally Posted by videolovers View Post
    It is a common problem that some DVD burning software cannot import some videos especially when the videos is not frequently used. I think you can use the keywords "burn Panasonic TM900 recorded video to DVD' to find your answer.
    Thanks for that videolovers I think I have sorted it, just waiting to deside what bluray burner to buy then I will know for sure. Have made a note of your advice and will no doubt need to make use of it in the near future.....Cheers

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