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    So here is the 2nd band i filmed at the gig i organized and played at.
    Same setup 3 HD cameras ant 1 SD camera. 3 cameras were on tripods and one very inexperienced person on a roaming camera.
    Would of liked to get to film myself but organizing the event took all my time.
    As always comments are more than welcome

    Children of the grave performed by Black reunion - YouTube
    DUDE were's my car

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    Very much like the other video you posted. You did manage to capture some of the atmosphere of the event, so well done for that but the camera work and the editing is a bit poor. Things like not even having one close up shot of the lead guitarist during the solo is unforgivable. Where was the close up shots of the drummer. The opening shot looked good but then you put in a load of shots so dark I couldn't see what it was. A lot of the cuts seemed to have no relation to the song.

    Sorry I can't be more positive.

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    If your gonna start laying down comms lines, You might as well go full on and get a dedicated cam director.

    Even if your not mixing each camera feed live at the event, You can at least as the cam director go "1 close up of bla" "2 close of up ego drummer"

    Though I strongly suspect, It was you + 1 other person, So what we are suggestion is completely unrealistic for you!

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    You the cam director etc is not really realistic. But thanks for your feed back. There was actually only one man filming, the rest were on tripods and switch on and then left alone. Will have to workout a new approach for this years event. As said before the filming was an after thought really just something we could have a look at after the dust settled.
    DUDE were's my car

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