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Thread: Making a Hi8 tape for an airline

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    Default Making a Hi8 tape for an airline

    I have these three welcome videos my customer wants to play when they arrive at certain military bases. I'm using Premier CS5 (I've also tried Sony Vegas) and a Sony Digital8 recorder to put them on Hi8 tapes. The airline is using a Sony Trans Com EVP 90 for playback. When they try to play them on their plane all they get is a black screen with the white film scratches like they've reached the end of the video. This is driving me crazy! I can watch their movies just fine on my equipment. Any ideas what could be causing this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    It sounds like they are trying to play Hi8 tapes on a player set for normal 8.

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    Oh man! I didn't even think of that. I was so busy with other tasks I was just throwing the video to tape and then banging my head on the wall when it wasn't playing for them. Thank you for your help!

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