Seems like a complicated way of doing things but this is how iv got round many of my problems up until this one.

Step 1 - Load VOB file into VirtualDubMod set filter to resize 720*576 and then set compression to Panisonic DV, save file as .avi

Step 2 - Convert Avi into MPEG using a converter.

Step 3 - open MPEG in media player an says length of 1.54mins, whilst file is around 18mins! Once media player gets to end of status bar it keeps playing in the display! Open in Quicktime status goes upto 18mins.

Step 4 - Import MPEG into Adobe premier 6.5. Drag and drop file into source, says file is only 1.54 and stops when dropped into the target screen says it is full length! Its playing up with my markers big time and it is much too fast!