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Thread: 720p footage rendered to 1080p

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    Default 720p footage rendered to 1080p

    Alright, so i've got a quick question here.

    I've taken some footage using my computer, which is in 720p. My plan is to upload this footage to youtube, but before i did so i wanted to cut it, and render it using Sony Vegas.

    Then my question is, now when i'm recording in 720, should i render it in 720p aswell? What happends if i render it in 1080p? Will the footage get blurry?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why don't you render out a small section and see what it looks like. just select around 10 seconds as a loop region and tick the render loop region only box when you click on render As.

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    There's no point in rendering at a higher resolution. I advise you match the source video specifications.
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    what a coincidence ! i did this earlier tonight as an experiment and i can confirm, 720p footage rendered to 1080p and burned to a bluray disc looks .............................. worse than standard dvd.

    Jagged edges and no gain in resolution. i advise if your footage was shot at 720 render/burn/ upload at 720.

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    Alright, thanks a lot.

    I'll render it in 720p then. I appreciate the fast replies.


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