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Thread: Few Questions About PC For (Noob)

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    Default Few Questions About PC For (Noob)

    As you probably got from title, I'm looking for some advice on a new PC

    ATM i have a pretty basic Samsung (r730) laptop -

    4gb ram
    320gb hdd
    Integrated graphics card
    Pentium (R) dual core 2.1GHz

    Do fairly basic editing on it, and it can just about keep up, the main bulk is done between vegas and after effects, vegas will crash occasionally but keeps up with the bulk of the eiditing until get a few layers and getting longer the preview window will start to lag behind, and after effects is quite often slow and takes ageeeeees to render / motion track something

    so i feel i have kinda outgrown the laptop now

    so i am looking at getting myself a desktop

    now i know the spec of it it will be MUCH better then what I have and keep up with what i am doing ATM no problem
    but my question really is, will this PC be good and last me for pretty much using all of after effects / video editing features of 'consumer' programmes

    spec i'm looking at :
    PROCESSOR: Intel® Core™ i7-2600 Processor (3.40GHz, 8MB)
    OPERATING SYSTEM: English Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64 BIT)
    MEMORY: 12288MB Dual Channel DDR3 1333MHz [2x4096 + 2x2048] Memory
    HARD DRIVE: 1TB Serial ATA (7,200 rpm)
    GRAPHICS CARD: NVIDIA® GeForce GT 530 1GB DDR3 Graphics Card
    SOUND SOFTWARE Integrated: 7.1 with THX® TruStudio


    would it be worth
    extra £50 for a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCIe Card
    £10 for a 1TB Dual Hard Drive Raid 0 "Stripe" (2x500GB - 7200rpm) instead of what is listed above (and what advantages it has over the one above)

    any comments on this would be very much appreciated

    thanks alot, and sorry for such a long message !

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    also forgot to mention this is brand new for £580 (the spec i am looking at)
    is this a good price ?
    so if any other suggestions for that sort of budget i will gladly recieve them as well

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    You should notice a performance boost when editing HD. It won't be a perfect solution, but it will be a less frustrating experience. I've a feeling that in about a years time, the same price will give you a laptop machine that delivers excellent HD editing capability.

    Personally, I eouldn't bother paying for the extras.

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    Your current laptop is a sorry affair lol - so any modern machine will be better and have you travelling at comparative rocket speed.

    I wouldn't buy this PC for that price, I think you can do better. The processor looks like a 'home use' version and 1mb of dedicated graphics is a waste of potential - look for 2gb minimum, plus RADEON cards have a better rep - graphics are a biggy for video production.

    The trick is to work out your own minimum specification (but aim high) and then find that PC through the junk mails in the newspapers, shops, online etc. Compare prices and know the value of your spec, then you'll know when you see the correct price. This is also great when you are looking through the maze of PC's available because as soon as one part of your minimum spec isn't available on a certain PC, you move onto the next one.

    Patience is key - I have been hunting a specific laptop for 4 months and have seen varying prices, with 30% difference in price between certain shops since I started looking. And when it gets superceded I will grab it even cheaper, but it will still be MY minimum spec, and do the job I want.
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