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Thread: How to get this effect?

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    Question How to get this effect?

    the first effect is in the videos From 0:25 onwards

    The second effect is in this video From 0:17 onwards

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    Come on, that's so easy , it's not worth asking, look at it carefully.

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    not everyone is a pro video editor though...thats why they asked the question. same as this person idk how to do that either...while the opacity shots i know but not the other ones..could use an actual answer that would help.

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    The two effects are different. The first one is very quick cuts back and forth between two shots. The second effect is like a fast wobble of the video. I can't tell you how to do it in Adobe as I use Sony Vegas.

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    Without being rude, the reason for the reply was, because so many nebies come on here and just want an answer but never seem to actually have ago and the ask, I have tried and tried but cannot do it help!!!

    I did it the "Hard Way" there was no Internet or groups to ask, so I had to figure it out, and it pays off, practising /playing really does.

    The second bit is easy as well, use the pan & scan or a script called Vegas Quake 8 (32bit) (do a search, pro version of SV only)

    Steam :: Screen Shake in Sony Vegas, Earthquake feel - YouTube

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    I can understand that.
    I didnt need a quick fix answer i was just looking for a technical term for the effect.
    I went after posting and did it the "Hard Way" and got it after looking up Jump Cuts. Try searching that.

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