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    Default My band video

    Its been a while since i have posted anything here. But here i am again.
    Please have a look at the video below and review as you see fit.
    This was shot in october at an event i organize and play at(Lots of work)
    The roaming camera was givin to a not so experience person. 4 camera setup 3 cannon HD camera and 1 sony SD.

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    The split screen didn't work for me especially the tree dark shot at the beginning. Was that an earthquake FX or was it really that loud ? I'm not a big AC/DC fan but it looked like a great gig. The bottom end was very distorted. Was you taking a feed from the desk ?

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    Yep it was that load, the camera at the rear and stage left had a problem with the bass drum vibration, not sure what to do with that for the next time. Sound is a 70/30 mix of camera and desk sound. I know what you mean about the shot at the biginning being too dark for the effect to work though. Maybe put that somewhere else.
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    I think a music video should reflect the tempo of the song, this song required quicker edits. Considering you had 4 cameras, I felt like I was in a loop after 2 minutes with the same shots repeated. The crowd looked inactive until the last 5 seconds when they went wild - and you faded it out instantly. I don't remember seeing the drummer close up.

    I would have had the roving cam go right into the crowd and grab wild scenes and crazy crowd reactions, and used that to fill the video with a lot more scenes at a faster rate, (use the crowd as much as the band). These are timeless scenes in that they need no sync, you can drop them in continuously without need to follow the song. You could have used 45 seconds of the final euphoria and transplanted those scenes all through the performance.

    My overall impression was one of a college gig trying to look energetic. As a film maker you need to make it so energetic that there is no question in the viewers mind that this is a kick ass performance - which I'm sure it was.

    I hope my comments are pro-active - I would still rate this video, but I wanted to turn it off at 3mins because I didn't expect anything different to come. I didn't turn it off out of respect, but nothing different came. Try to have something to keep the viewer watching.
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    Thanks stripe
    I understand were you are coming from. The idea of the video was really just a memory thing, not to promote the bands. Just to get a feel for how the night went. I organize this event every year and i wanted something that i could keep and say to my grandkids"look what granddad did in his younger years". The thing was the filming aspect of the night was a bit of an after thought. We had 3 cameras on tripods and one roaming guy. The roaming guy did a really shit job and it was hard to find footage to use. Will have to plan the filming side of things better for this year. And your tips are more than welcome, and i will be using them for this years event.
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    Hah! Matt Lucas dressed as Angus Young.
    I quite enjoyed it but agre with Midnight and Stripe's comments.
    I think one of the reasons the split screen didn't quite work was that you often had whoever was framed in the section moving out of that section in the direction of the split. I'd suggest you need to make sure the subject is framed within the section for the duration of the split. Hope that helps.

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    I found the clip very interesting, particularly the number of cameras used. Perhaps like others, I was wanting new camera angles and views. If one had 3 static cams; each with an operator; could some kind of schedule be arranged to allow time for each of the cams to be moved to a new locations at different times whilst the remaining cams were static?

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    I had 3 camera on tripods that were not manned, just switch on and left pointing in one direction. And one guy roaming who had no idea what he was doing. I was glad i got out of it what i did. Will plan the event filming a bit better this year.
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    I'll look forward to the next one FNG, sounds like you just need 4 people that can run a camera and all will be well. It shouldn't be too hard? I don't see why they need comms etc, just a task list and a bit of creative nous.

    I'm also not going to miss a chance to show off, but this is a performance I filmed using one camera, and I hope it shows what can be done using some of the points I mentioned in my first post. I'm a rank beginner - I believe a bit of creativity can make up for a lack of hardware.

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    Whilst rock & metal is not my thing i thought overall it was good, its not easy to get a good recording and decent footage of a live gig. I also agree with midnight and stripes comments, i think some more roaming footage and the use of quick zooms might have added to the energy of the track, but its a good effort for sure...

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