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Thread: New Experimental Film Project Seeks Filmmakers

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    Default New Experimental Film Project Seeks Filmmakers

    A new global experimental project is looking for input from independent filmmakers and fans from all over the world.

    Film By Democracy

    Open to Ideas...

    Film by Democracy | Landing page

    Film by Democracy | Facebook

    Ever had an idea for a film? - YouTube

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    Depends how much your price for a cup of coffee is? About $4.95 I suspect x 20,000 people = 20 years dole money maybe?

    Are these the figures you are working with?

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    Default Hi Stripe

    Not sure where you are based where coffee costs $4.95. I would generally pay between $3.00 - $3.50 where I live.

    20,000 people would be nice admittedly, we might then have enough to shoot a low budget film, but I suspect we will struggle to reach those kind of numbers. What do you think?

    Not sure what your dole money comment refers to. Perhaps you can explain?


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    I guess I'm skeptical when I read...

    "For the price of a coffee, you will be able to sign up as a Producer to access exclusive polls, join the cast and crew and to contribute your ideas, music, artwork and more. All cash raised by our Producers will be ploughed into the production. Regardless of the amount of money generated, a film will be made - whether on a shoestring budget or with James Cameron at the helm.

    Whatever the result, you'll be able to view it online for free."

    I give you $5 and some ideas which you will use or you won't use, and I get to watch it on youtube one day dependant on your energy levels in carrying this through? That seems like all commitment from me, a load of unaccountable funding for you, and, knowing human nature, a mass input will turn into a bunfight at best lol.

    Good luck with the movie, or the fundraising - whichever.

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    Hey Stripe

    Sorry to bother you again, but I thought I'd update you.

    We've given your comments more thought, and decided that perhaps you are right. Why should you give us $3.50 to make a film.

    So we've decided to make the whole process FREE!

    On reflection it didn't seem right to charge people to be a part of the production, and also didn't sit well with the 'Democratic' model of Film by Democracy.

    It means we'll have less money to make the film (if any), but we've produced films on virtually zero budgets before so what's new.

    Maybe now you might like to check out what we're trying to achieve, knowing that you've got nothing to lose?


    Film by Democracy | Landing page
    Film by Democracy | Facebook

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    Once you've made some progress with the decision making and getting your audience participation up, you could setup a kickstarter funding campaign to help get the money you'll need for production.

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    Hi Orrin

    Thanks for the tip. That is something we are considering. There are various crowd funding models that we could use. Another way would be to just have a 'Donate' button the site. We will need to evaluate as we go and see which one people approve of.
    Thanks for the support.
    Film by Democracy | Landing page

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