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    Default Who's who

    I thought you might like to take a look at this video. It's primarily a music video, done by 2 guitarist friends of mine, who only started playing with video a few months ago.

    One of them, Ecca, is already a member of this site, and the other one might be soon

    They belong to a guitarist site, where sound files have been posted for ages, and recently several have decided it would be nice to see who is playing.

    These two though have really taken to the video side, and music videos give lots of scope for fun.

    Ecca is the one you see at first, he filmed his bit, and Brian comes in later, and has done most of the sfx.

    That's all I'm saying, but I think you'll enjoy it. There's a couple of visual jokes that might pass you by, but it won't matter.

    Here's the link

    Click on the one on the left 'who's who'.


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    Great fun

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    I loved that, laughed all the way through. And you've given me a possible idea for a comp entry.

    Any more?

    Just remembered the tune - it's Jet Harris & Tony Meehan isn't it? Scarlet O'Hara or Diamonds.

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    Default Nice

    I liked this. I liked the effects. I also liked the fluffy white kitty roaming through the bushes.

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    Very Good and enjoyed for a Monday morning.

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    Default Doctor Who

    I love the Doctor Who track! LOL ...and the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions In Space... sad I know!) ...and the Dalek


    ...oh and I like the video, good bit of fun.

    Dubious copyrights though!! lol


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