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    Hey, everyone. I built a web application for freelancers and agencies that helps get feedback along the timeline of your videos. It also works for audio files and images. I truly am not trying to "spam" you all, but I feel like you may find this tool helpful with your video work. My video editor friends LOVE it.

    It's called Client Area Pro. Client Area Pro is a web application that makes it easy to get client feedback. In addition to approve/disapprove buttons and commenting, you can get feedback directly on the timeline of your video/audio files too. Keep all of your feedback in one, happy place.

    You can watch some videos and learn more about the features here:

    Thank you,
    Ryan Terry
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    I just buy a bit of data hosting, Setup a streaming solution for the client to view the video then ask them nicely to write their thoughts onto an email with the timings of the places they thought needed a tweak, ect.

    Nice service, But I wonder if it will survive in an age where people are trying to save money.

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    Thank you, Bpotter908. I think the price for this sort of app is extremely low and can help speed up the production process. Aside from adding comments on a video timeline you can also have approve/disapprove buttons, download links, custom logo and background colors and a lot more.

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