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Thread: 50i EX1R footage transfers as 25fps?

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    Default 50i EX1R footage transfers as 25fps?

    Okay so I don't know if this is something I need to change in my FCP, or in my camera.

    I've just bought my EX1R, and I've got it set up in 1920x1080 50i. Unless I'm being silly this should provide 50fps?

    I've log and transferred it into my editing suite, where, it comes up as 25fps.

    My sequence settings are set to 50fps, so why isn't it coming in as 50?

    And while I'm here, just off the top of anybody who replies head. What is a good export setting for my EX1 to upload to web?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Because it's 25 frames per second. The "I" tells us it's interlaced, so that's 50 half frames, or 25 "full" franes

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    oh, okay. So I need 50p?

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    Okay cool. Thanks.

    So I need to go for 50p?

    I thought the EX1 did a 1080p 50fps? I can only find 720 50p...

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    According to the blurb, 1080p goes up to 30fps. Pretty standard.

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    Unless you're going to do some rad slow mo, you only need 25P or 50i. I'n not 100% sure about PAL but for NTSC all 30P video is converted to 60i for broadcast. 60i video is converted to 30P then reconverted to 60i to get the field order correct.

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