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    I am fairly new to the video making community, but I have been using this site called Video Blocks to create an awesome show. You can download stock videos, sound effects and motion backgrounds. I been only using it for 2 days because I signed up for a 7 day FREE TRAIL... so it been a blast having access to all the awesome content. The only complaint I have is they dont' send you a reminder to cancel your trail and they bill you immediately on the 8th day. But otherwise, I think its an awesome site for us video editors to have access to this kind of stuff. Here is the site if you want to sign up and try before you buy: Download Free Stock Footage, Free Production Music, and Free Motion Backgrounds

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    I keep getting these in emails and I`m a bit suspicious of them, thinking it`s spam or some crook wanting my credit details.

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    Videoblocks is kosher.

    They make their money because if you forget to cancel the subscription, You get the 30 bill after the trial period is over.

    A few nice resources on there....but nothing worth a monthly subscription fee, There are sites which let you purchase a resource per project which is much more manageable.

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