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    Hey guys so I'm new here as you can see. Well I'm not sure where to begin but for a while now I've held an interest in video editing and will hopefully be switching over to mac soon. Possibly a 2012 mbp. Anyway I do have a little experience with movie maker and vegas movie studio 9. Now I know mac has final cut pro and I watched a few basic tutorials on fcpx and it looks pretty easy to learn the basics. How to color correct, audio, transitions etc. which is why I'm leaning towards it. I know that fcp is used on hollywood movies but are they using fcpx or fcp7?

    Came across a page and saw that vegas pro is only on windows so i can rule that out.
    I also saw premiere and premiere pro so that is an option.

    I was looking at avid but I'm not really sure which avid program(s) are used. Can anyone provide some info?

    For now I don't think I'll be using anything like after effects. I'm still in high school so I have some time to decide if this is a career I want. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm really trying to understand more about the programs used. Eventually I imagine I'll have experience with other programs but not yet anyway.
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    I'm working with many editing programs like premiere, premiere pro, avid, edius, fcp and ...
    Final cut is very similar to premiere pro so if you learn one of them you can learn the other one so easily. For using avid I sugest you to use avid liquid. after effects actually is not an editing program it a program for special effects and visual effects. by learning premiere pro that would be easy for you to learn after effects. After all editing programs are like each other. by learning one of them you can use almost all of them. I sugest you start with premiere pro or if you have Mac use final cut pro. I hope it helps.

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