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Thread: I made a video for a competition with my new camera

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    Default I made a video for a competition with my new camera

    here's the video for the competition, i just want some pointers on what to improve on in the future (if you can inbox me on youtube it would be amazing), like filming angles etc, please don't troll on this, as this is important to me. Also if you can give this video a thumbs up it would be much appreciated
    heres the link: www[.]youtube[.]com/watch?v=REjH1I-3Tzo

    or search Fraser Institute Video Contest 2011 - H.E.L.P

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    I don't want to appear rude, but I found the clip rather boring. But I could see that alot of time and energy had gone into creating it. Here are some of the things which I did not like:
    1) the audio of the voice is not always good. At 1:05 it changes rather suddenly. In the scene around 2:07, the words were not easy to hear.
    2) some scenes were a little empty, e.g. around 1:20 there is alot of nothing much to see.
    Perhaps the most important aspect of such clips is to invite the viewer to follow the arguments and to agree with them. Sadly, I was unconvinced and felt that some points were lost whilst the actor wandered rather meaninglessly around some empty rooms. Some of the scenes appeared to have been ripped from TV news. I doubt anyone cares, but it would be nice to acknowledge those providers in your credits.

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    I'd agree with Tim, although I think the subject matter was the boring bit - this doesn't help any viewer.

    The start was good energy and filming, then it went flat and sparse. The half dozen dodgy edits, and couple of camera wobbles make it unrealistic for any competition. The very end was an example, feeling 'cut off' rather than leaving with a soft trail to allpw the viewer to 'come down' after such heavy narrative.

    I see you are doing the right things, maybe you just need to control those things a bit more, things like lighting, audio and pace should have consistency.

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    thanks for your replies,
    we were very short on time during the end so a lot of it was improvised. Thank you so much for your input we will try to use all your tips on our next video!

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