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Thread: Pitch shift problems

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    Default Pitch shift problems

    when i was working on a vid i sudenly came to notice that the pitch won't go higher at a certain point.
    i can make it lower but not higher. the pitch at it highest for me now is barely any higher than the original so it can't be that the pitch is at its maximum or so (if there's even such a thing)
    since i am still very unexperienced with sony vegas i have no clue how to change his exept for start all over in a new file again ><
    maybe its just i pressed 1 wrong button or so.
    please tell me how to fix this. thanks in advance ^^

    oh yeah i use Sony Vegas pro 11

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    Please confirm. Are you referring to "Pitch" (i.e. low or high notes); or "Loudness" (e.g. Volume or Gain).

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    yes the notes, the ones that are changed with the +/- keys.

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    Which slider are you using ? You get a bigger shift using the semitone one, up to an octave at +12. How far are you trying to take it? The lower slider gives you less range in change. Also are you preserving the duration ? Which mode have you selected. Some of these modes can be very processor hungry which can make the audio laggy depending on the project and the computer power and even the type of audio file being used.

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