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Thread: Like-Prezi animation through Vegas

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    I was wondering whether is possible to create like-Prezi animations Prezi - The Zooming Presentation Editor through Sony Vegas. Some examples:

    Prezi Presentation Demo - YouTube
    We will rock you by Prezi - YouTube

    I have thought to create a big image (in software image like Gimp, Inkscape) and insert it into Vegas. Then, using Vegas "event pan/crop" I think could be possible to create like-Prezi animation. But I am new in Vegas and I have low confidence about software features yet. May anyone say if it is possible and what tools to use in Vegas?

    Thanks in advance,

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    You could do something approaching a Prezi Presentation but it would be tricky getting the movement how you want it with just the pan/crop tool. Using the track motion will help but even then I don't know how successful it would be. BUT have a go it will be good experience for you.

    One problem I can see is loosing clarity if you zoom in to much so just watch out for that. Try and plan around that hurdle. I wouldn't try and do it all on one track with one image. I think you would get better results if you spread things around on different tracks.

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    Thanks for answering!
    It really will be a exercise and improvement to my Vegas novice experience.
    Alternatively (and considering the easiest way), what do you think about creating presentation through Prezi and export as flash video file (swf) to Vegas? Is it possible to remove white background of swf file inside Vegas? Or is it necessary to be done outside (before generating the swf file)?
    My idea is to use in video project some simple animation (nothing like After Effects) and this seems to me a way.
    I will make my trials direct in Vegas as well...

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    I've never worked with swf files in Vegas so I don't know how they'll work or if you would have to convert them first to be able to use them. It is possible to remove the white back ground by changing the compositing mode of the track. I think BUT you might like to test this your self if you have an image with a white background, if you change the comositing mode to "multiply Mask" this make all the white on the image transparent.

    Good luck.

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