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    Default Editing Project.

    Hello all,

    My name is Mimi and I'm currently editor for a 3rd year Uni video project. After Uni I want to continue a career in video editing so I thought this forum might be handy to get all the advice possible from people already in the field.

    Basically, I would like to know:
    • Best software - I know everyone has their own opinions and favourites! I'm currently using FCP because that's what I've been taught on
    • Hints and tips - just general hints and tips for editing
    • Useful websites - For latest news on editing and amazing videos to watch!

    Thanks in advance for any help! I hope to work with some of you the future!

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    Welcome to the forum,

    Best Software = Is akin to asking a painter what is the best easel/paintbrush/paper to use when painting a work of art. The answer is "Use whatever tools you feel most comfortable using and can deliver the result you and your clients expect" If your happy with FCP and if your potential clients are happy with the work you produce from it, Then why change?

    Hints and tips = Upload one of your videos to this section User Videos - Allow other users to critique your work, This is the best way to gain advice, I could give you 100 tips, Or I could give you 5 tips that you actually need based on seeing the video!

    Useful Websites = This one! You'll find videos ranging from wedding shorts, to internet TV series to abstract art work, As for the news side of it, it depends on what you consider news-worthy, If it's news about software packages, Cameras, Or something else...You'll have to decide which topic you consider to be of interest, There is no one size fits all website imo.

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    I think Bpotter908 has about covered things. I would say if you've been trained in FCP and you have a Mac then stick with FCP. Excellent advice about posting videos in the user section. You'll find some amazing videos on Vimeo.

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