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Thread: Mayweather vs Pacquiao Promo

  1. Default Mayweather vs Pacquiao Promo

    Didn't shoot my own footage, clearly, but I wanted to test my editing skills using clips I cut from the full fights!

    Hope you enjoy and all feedback/criticism will be appreciated.

    Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather - Let's Get It On! - YouTube

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    Really good. May be a little too climatic though?

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    Thanks for the feedback man. What do you mean by climatic though?

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    Top drawer mate
    good interpretation of action, and a few very very nice blends of slow motion.
    Dramatic, yes , but then thats what its all about.
    Pure pugilistic theatre.
    Music was ok as well.
    Only critic, and i am being fierce here, titles at end ( like judgement day, war of gladiators, the big bang, etc etc) just to finish off
    the video and give text info of whats to come.
    This would easily pass as a short promo for the fight, only have to add the TV channel and dates.
    If you are new to this, then you definitely have the raw nerve for it.
    I liked it a lot, and forgot quite quickly it was not a production video.
    9 and 75 76ths out of ten.

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    Haha dude that's the best praise I've ever had for one of my videos. Thanks man.

    Agree with the pointers too, a touch of text would've been good at the end. Will definitely implement text into my next video.
    Thanks again bro.

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    Good Job

    Appreciate not your own footage (obviously) but you have edited it very well in my opinion and created a entertaining video that could be used to effectively build pre fight excitement in the audience .

    Great music choice by the way.

    Maybe a bit more training footage mixed in with fighting footage but hey overall I really liked it

    P.S - Be mindful of the copyright side of things

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