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    Default Freestyle Motocross - Michael "Chucky Norris" | ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE |

    Hey guys, have a watch of my latest film I have come up with featuring Michael "Chucky" Norris doing is normal every day job as a proffesional freestyle motocross rider.

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    I liked it a lot. Only thing is the length is a bit too long.

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    Thanks for the reply and yeh I think I couldv'e trimmed down the beginning a bit

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    Very nice. For once the cutting into and out of slo-mo served to help us appreciate what Chucky was doing rather than just being added for "artistic" effect.
    I rather liked the long intro (maybe on a different day i wouldn't). I really wanted egg on toast after watching!
    My criticisms are minor, but for what they're worth:

    I didn't like the two stills. OK. I've looked again and they're not.2:28 and 3:47 have so little movement in them that they both looked to me on first watching like stills and seemed out of place. They look great in isolation, but within the video I'm not so sure.
    All the other extreme slo-mo have a bit of very obvious action in them (eg we see the spokes of a wheel rotating) and work really well.

    My other criticism was to do with the beginning. We hear the sounds of family in the background yet see Chucky in isolation, eventually leaving to load his bike without even looking back. The impression this gives is that he is a totally self centered loner whoc doesn't care about his family. Now this may be the impression you wanted to give, but if not a very quick shot of a hug with his kid(s) and/or a smile and a kiss for his wife/girlfriend before him leaving would make him seem much more human and wuld provide a great opportunity to folow with a contrasting shot of him becoming focussed onthe task in hand.

    Just opinion really.

    , I wondered whether it was a "placeholder" intended to be replaced with some moving images, which you missed. The second (the bike in the sky)

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    Thanks for the response and I completely see where your coming from. Those two slow mo shots that look like stills irritate me too, I used the twixter program and I should've sped it up that tiny bit more to show the movement. I originally did want to have chucky giving them a hug goodbye and kiss the wife as he left but he wasn't keen on showing his family for the world to see. First time i've tried a story shoot, usually its always motocross but i'll try and nail it next time. thanks mate.

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