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Thread: Desktop HD editing set-up

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    Could someone tell me what to buy for my hd editing?

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    Something with at least an i7 processor. Just buy the most powerful PC you can afford. There are some on line retailors who specialise in video editing PCs have a look at the spec they are selling to give you an idea of what you should be aiming at.

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    Thanks to that... Are you using hd editing? what retailors are you going to suggest so it will be easier for me to find?

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    Yes I edit HD footage. I got my PC from I didn't go for one of there editing machines, I went for there gaming machine because they are more powerful.

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    You could try DVC in Hove. They are video editing system specialists. Their advice is unbiased too. I've no connection apart from being a happy customer.
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    Thanks to you guys...

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