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Thread: Short Gym Promo

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    Default Short Gym Promo

    Looking for all opinions and criticism really, the requirement was a sub minute video to show off the facilities for a promotional web page.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Sorry Nick this didn't work for me. The sound is a big issue. The recording of the people sounds very roomy then when the music came back I couldn't hear them at all. You need to get a mic in close, use a clip on or what ever you've got. The visuals while being exposed ok are all shot from the same distance. This isn't very visually stimulating.

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    I by no means need an apology Midnight! I very much agree on the sound, I am fighting a losing battle with sound with whatever I do! I am going to invest in some proper tuition when time and money becomes available!

    I do see what you mean about the distance, it isn't something that naturally occurred to me but certainly something I will ensure to address with any future projects.

    As always thank you for your comments, I really do appreciate it

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    While there can be a real art to mic placement, at the level I'm at I just go for the closer the better, which usually works for me.

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    Probably where I am going wrong as I have my Mic placed on the camera at all times, need to invest in a longer xlr cable and handle/boom or some radio mics. Had some on order before xmas but had to cancel due to unexpected circumstances. All money!

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