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Thread: Studio 11 - no audio on playback of dvd

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    Default Studio 11 - no audio on playback of dvd

    winxp pinnacle studio 11
    Using pinnacle studio 11 - IMPORTED AVI file and added wav audio file - make dvd the picture is fine BUT on my home machine Panasonic DMR-ES30V used for tv viewing the audio does not work.

    BUT Both audio and video work on my Panasonic BlueDisc DMP-BD85EB player

    anyone any ideas

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    I had this problem and found it was some sort of conflict with the sound card Windows Media Player and Pinnacle. I don't know what the solution is but doing a re-boot usually cleared it. If that's not your problem it's probably a codec issue. ie you don't have the right codec to edit the type of .avi file you have.

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    The DVD works in one standalone DVD player but not the other? How old is the DVD Player? Going back several years, players used to be fussy about the way audio was compressed. If I remember correctly, PCM audio only was supported in the standard.

    May be a bum steer, but what compression dud you use on the audio? I assume other DVDs play find on this machine?

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    Sorry, I think I was half or fully asleep when I answerd this, as I was answering a totally different question.
    I think your right Marc I remember this situation with older DVD players.

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    Checked audio files standard wave :
    Audio format PCM
    Audio Sample Rate 44 khz
    Channels 2 (stereo)
    Audio Sample Size 16 bit
    Bit Rate 1411kbps

    Someone mentioned that it needs to be Audio Sample Rate of 48khz : If so how do i convert the file

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    It's true that normal CDs are usually 44Khz and DVDs are usually 48Khz. When you go in to make movie you will have some options one of the audio options is to set the rate to 48Khz. It's as simple as that.

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    Thanx for the help - delved a little further and found there was a sound setup option in the Panasonic home dvd player.
    It was set to BITSTREAM - I set it too its other option 'PCM' and YES the audio now plays
    Bought manufactured dvd's always worked regardless of this setting.


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