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    Some of you may have seen a rather lonely new section for sample footage: Sample footage. The aim of this section is to create a library of raw footage to:
    • Provide an idea of quality and compare
    • let users see if their system is capable of editing the footage
    as I don't have a budget to borrow, rent or by a myriad of cameras, I need your help! If you'd like to supply some raw footage, please PM, email or reply to this post.

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    Interesting idea Marc. I'd be game but with my raw footage you have to have a specific directory structure for it to work. Would that be possible on a file shearing site or however it's intended to work.

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    Is that right? Isn't that just for playing back on devices? For my old AVCHD camara, you merely needed the actual mts files - all of the other gubbins was just for meta data (or playing back on the device / external device).

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    My camera shoots .mxf files with DVCPro HD inside. There is a small text file (index file) which needs to be in the root of the directory structure and the video and audio files have to be in the right folders otherwise it won't play or be editable. It's a bit of a PITA but thems the breaks.

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    What a pain! I'll PM you some FTP details.

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