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Thread: DSLR Sports event, best Lens to use

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    Hey guys,

    Im an beginner at all of this HD video shooting and recently picked up a t2i and will be doing the videography for a boxing sporting event. What would be the best type of lens to use for this type of shoot. I'll be shooting up close as I will be right behind the ropes at the neutral corner. I've shot with a 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 in the past and noticed that its got a great wide angle that covers the entire ring, but when the opponents are on opposite sides of the ring, zoom is not enough to get a closer shot. Is there a wide angle lens that goes to say 50mm? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not lens advice (which is what you asked for, but an area of limited knowledge for me), but this really sounds like you need at least two separate cameras - one for the tight shots and one for wide angle. Anything over 50mm is generally considered as a Telephoto and less a wide angle. You can get a lens that covers 20 - 80, bu the general school of the thought is that this would be inferior to two separate lenses.

    By having two cameras, one can be a locked wide angle, the other used to capture close ups.

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