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    Default Newbie here.

    Nice to finally find this place! I'm a regular working joe who dabbles in photography and video. At this point the only editing I've done is with Windows7 Moviemaker. I kinda like it, but am looking for something a with more capability. Also don't want to spend a lot of time having to learn a whole new system. Suggestions?

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    I just realized that is a rather open ended question, so I guess I could be a bit more specific. I shoot independent stuff and am not really looking for high end corporate presentation type stuff. I'm a musician and have made one music video for a friend. This seems to have opened the floodgates. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the sudden requests for me to do others. The one thing I don't like about Moviemaker is synching music to video. Is there anything out that simplifies this process?

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    However you look at it, you're going to have to accepte that you will need to spend some time learning. Not necessarily a lot of time in order to get the basiscs but some time. I'd suggest downloading the 30 day trial versions of Adobe Premiere Elements and Sony Vegas. Unfortunately you'll have to invest time learning somethimng about these in order to see which you prefer. But these are the two most popular (at least on this forum) for PCs.

    Syncing video and music is really down to having an audio recorded with each video. "Simply" line up the peaks in the audio waveform on the timeline. i'm nt sure this is possible wuith Windows Movie Maker.

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