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    Default Help With Transitions

    Hello Everyone,
    Im new on this site
    I need help with a transition... I want to know the name of the transition , because i really would like to use it.
    Im using Pinacle Studio Ultimate Edition

    Here is the video
    The transition starts at 0.20 s - 0.25 s

    Kind Regards,

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    It's a wipe. To achieve a similar effect, you can overlay the same clip and crop the sides. Then key frame movement over the top.
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    Thx Man..
    I will try. it.. I'm new soo.. it will be a lil difficult... If i have problems.. Could you help me then?
    Kind regards,

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    yah, pretty easy, holler if you get stuck......only thing with that one is it looks like it has a slight drop shadow on the left edge, but either way an easy fix.

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