Hi. I film live shows and make DVDs for the patricipants. Mostly amateur dramatics and similar.
Recently, I filmed a show in a small theatre and there was a constant buzzing noise in the auditorium. I guessed it was from the stage lighting, but when I chatted the tekkies they sighed, and explained that it was from the new EXIT lights above the doors. It was that kind of buzzing you get from such lights (presumably flourescant). I dont think there is much I can do, but I may as well ask. Denoiser and dehummer are no use at all for this (brilliant for the internal noise from dodgy XLR leads that I have thanfully left behind) but no good for this! That freebie called audacity that everyone raves about is also useless. It gets rid of the noise too much! I.e. it gives complete silence between actors dialogue, and when they do speak it sounds like they are screaming 'save me! I am drowning' under thirty feet of water! This happens with the reduction even set on the lowest level. I am not expecting a complete cure but surely there is a way to minimise what is a constant noise at a constant level throughout the show. I am new here, and dont know how to attach a sample, but maybe someone knows the noise I am referring to. Thanks