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Thread: My first zombie movie

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    Default My first zombie movie

    Hi, i would like to show you my first, selfmade zombie movie (and a little fantasy)
    I know its not perfect. But it has some good moments i think
    And sorry for the english
    The Fairytale of the Bag On His Head Dudes (with Zombies) - YouTube

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    This piece is a bit like trying to run before you can walk but well done for making an effort. Like you said there is a lot wrong with it but at least you had a go at a complex narrative. One of the things that will lift the quality of your work is having great sound. I would look at how you can do this, things like getting mics close in on the actors will help.

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    Yeah. really good effort. Lots of good ideas. Just lacked some polish.
    By far the simplest fix would be, as Midnight says, to improve the audio. This would mean the audience is not struggling to make out what's being said and then you would be able to increase the pace with much tighter cutting.

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