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Thread: Sony Vegas 10 - Multiple audio tracks?

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    Default Sony Vegas 10 - Multiple audio tracks?

    Hi everybody!

    For now almost 12 hours I'm stuck on this problem... here is what I want to do: I wanna render an avi where the viewer can choose between two audio tracks. Whatever I do, the two tracks play simultaneously! I experimented with the audio bus, but without success.
    After hours of google searching and read the online help I finally surrender...
    Has anybody an idea how to do it? I'm going mad

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sounds impossible. How would a user click on a film to select a choice of music? Through youtube using annotation hyperlinks maybe?

    At some point the user has to choose which audio through a menu or hyperlink, then when they click they are redirected to the video playing that version of the audio?

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    The only way is to render out two different versions of the video.

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    sorry, i have forgotten this detail - i wanna upload to video on a filehoster, so they have to download the video to watch. and then choose the track for example in vlc via "audio>audio track".

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    ok i finally managed it. not with sony vegas, but virtualdubmod....

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