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Thread: Lowering video quality

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    Default Lowering video quality

    I have absolutely no clue if this is the right place to put this, so I'm sorry if It's out of place. I've heard of ways to increase video quality, but not of DECREASING it.

    Now, This seems a little odd of me asking this. But here's the thing: I ripped my Mazinkaiser SKL Blu-Rays for making AMVs. very high quality. Turns out that while my PC can PLAY them perfectly fine, when I open them up in the editor it crashes every time. I know it's not the file size because Mazinkaiser SKL is only about 600 MB and I've got some lower quality files that are 1 GB and run perfectly fine.

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    I would look at reducing the resolution (size) from what it is to an SD size 720 x 480. Also lower the bit rate, you will have to experiment with this to keep the quality you want. May be start around 9 Mb/per second which is around the same as a DVD. This might help your computer cope with the editing side of things

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