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Thread: Sliders and steadicams in the UK

  1. Default Sliders and steadicams in the UK

    Not exactly sure this is the place for this question..

    Where are these stocked at reasonable prices? I've been looking on b-hague but besides that its all independent companies selling at crazy prices.
    (after one to fit a Canon 600d)

    Anyone know of any decent places?

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    It is bound to be expensive because very few are sold. It's a bit of "specialist" kit which might be better being rented, since this is direct cost to the customer.

    OR, are you doing this for Fun?

    Perhaps you could give some greater detail, that might elicit some tip/tricks.....

    There is a posting on Glidetrack...see Titles
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    I just bought a shoulder rig and follow focus of eBay for 180, very good quality for the price. That Mobislyder looks great..if you shoot on a toy camera! Im thinking about a DIY slider using a drawer slider.

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    Are you using a "toy camera" I wonder?
    (sounds like mine -Oh dear!)
    ----- a drawer slider should work as they are very smooth (ball-bearing version), but the length of travel is limited....although you might try a pair of them to (nearly) double the reach.
    I suspect you may hear some noise, but a rubber-coupling could reduce this, if yr lucky....

    I wonder if the slider won't be "too slipery"? - so some stiff grease might help to fix this.

    As with many things it's not What you do, but How you do it.

    Let us know how it works . . .

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