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Thread: Video producers needed for our tracks !!

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    Smile Video producers needed for our tracks !!

    Alright people !!

    Right i hope I'm in the right place !! (If not please redirect me)

    My music producer partner and myself are looking to get videos done for our tracks, currently produce Drum N Bass and will be hitting the more commercial side soon.

    I am currently signed to a few middle class labels, but recently have had interest from a couple of major labels.

    The material we are making atm is coming on real good and to start we would like someone to make videos for us, doesn't have to be anything amazing just something in sync with the track, experimental !!

    There would not be any money involved at first, not until we start getting recognised. We get big you get big situation !! So down the line when we are doing well, we would obviously like top videos produced and of course for cash !!

    Also down the line we would like someone who deals with live video visual etc for our dj performances so plenty of work involved !!

    If your interested please post up links to your work and we'll go from there !!

    Nice one


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chew Lay View Post
    There would not be any money involved at first, not until we start getting recognised. We get big you get big situation !! So down the line when we are doing well, we would obviously like top videos produced and of course for cash !!
    Why was I not surprised when I reached that line?

    My house needs redecorating. I can't pay any money now, but obviously when I become famous, 'll buy a bigger house and need an interior designer whom I can pay.

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    Put yourself in the position of the people you are asking for a minute. Who is that person going to ask this question?

    Hi, I'm a video editor who is currently using middle of the road computer equipment and software, I have reached a point where I would like to interest major clients. If anyone is willing to give me better equipment/software I'll get good, I won't pay for anything you have previously given me but will then be able to buy even more equipment/software from you at a later date.

    There is a point to this post, as there is an answer.

    It could be through an investor, perhaps a bank, or a business grant/loan. If you were to go that route (as we need to) to get your "work" done you would get a better quality product that would benefit you more than anything anyone willing to take you up on your offer would provide.


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    Chew. A couple of points since you've come to this forum to ask people to work for nothing.

    Firstly, it is good manners to have a look around first, before posting. If you had done so, you would see that this is the "fun" section. It is meant for videos of the kids, or funny stories or non-serious videos. "Just for fun" in other words.
    Secondly, here is a slightly edited post which you should have read if you had gone to the right section....

    Recently there have been a number of requests for videomakers to help out on projects. A lot of these requests are based on the belief that videographers sit at home, twiddling their thumbs, too dim to think of their own projects. As a result, we jump for joy at the chance to work for nothing.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Let's have a reality check. I have never booked a crew member based on a youtube video, nor have any of the music companies done that (despite their publicity, geared to give them "street cred" with the punters). So, in other words, a youtube video isn't going to start anyone's career and as soon as the band gets enough money to make a decent video, they're going to employ professionals, not some bloke who did a youtube freebie. Likewise, a freebie music video on a CV is a waste of time when it comes to working in "the industry" (God, how I hate that term), it comes in the "hobbies" category and, although it shows that you have an interest in videomaking, it will not help your career in any way.

    In the same way, there are dozens of startup bands who think that they believe that with a bit of help (such as a music video) they can make it. These are often people who don't want to risk maxing out their credit cards, getting a bank loan or borrowing off their friends. However they are quite happy to get videographers to risk time and money on a project which, experience shows, won't make money. I can also tell you that if you hit the big time, the music company will not allow you to have your professional video made by your friends. They will either have their in-house team of a list of production companies which they use. The guys who made your first video(s) will see diddly squat out of their efforts. You will now say that you will never desert those who helped you when you were starting up and that you won't allow the music company to do this. Yeah, right.
    You will have no choice in the matter and you're not going to turn down a recording deal just for some wannabe videographer.

    This is a bitch of an industry.

    In other words, a camera/sound/editor working on a freebe music video will not benefit from "We get big, you get big" nor will you be in the position to decide who produces your "top videos for a lot of cash" when (if) you " are down the line, doing well". I'm not saying that novice producers are bastards, on the contrary, I suspect that most of them honestly believe that their band will make money. Unfortunately, that isn't the case and even if some cash does arrive, we all know that the producer will pay off his debts before sharing the rest and that he will chose his band before the mugs who made the video.

    So, if you come on this forum looking for people to work for you, for nothing. Seduce us. Give us a clue about your band. Tell us your track record. Show us your website. If you're serious you will have some sort of internet presence to show. If you can't be bothered to bung up some sort of homepage to show your band off, why should we invest time and money in someone who can't even get that together?

    In the same way, be honest and upfront. If you are an amateur, with no experience who is looking for people to work on an idea which might work, then say that. You will find that most of the regulars here understand what it's like starting out and will gladly offer help and advice. If you pretend to be a "producer" without the skills to back up your claim, the regulars will suss you out and rip you to shreds.

    So, to sum up. We're not against working for nothing per-se but we are against being exploited and treated as mugs.

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    Jesus !!!!

    No need to get so up tight, I'm just looking into things for the 1st time !!!

    I don't have a clue about this industry, i came here for friendly advice not a bollocking !!

    Any how thanks for giving me an over view of how things are.

    Im not being a tight arse just thought there might be people out there that would enjoy doing it i.e hobbie or student etc but obviously not.

    How much would you say it would be for a budget video for a track ?

    Just uploaded 2 new tracks to my Soundcloud if you would like to check my production.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Chew Lay View Post
    How much would you say it would be for a budget video for a track ?
    At its cheapest, you could do it yourself. Load the audio into Microsoft's "Movie Maker" and add a few static pictures. It would take an hour to create and upload to YTube; and look like rubbish.
    It may be best to estimate how many hour's work would be required, perhaps by considering it will certainly take as long to produce as the original audio track.
    I recently created a short 'free' clip for some friends (www dot It took me around 60 hours, and may have cost 2k; but then again, I am a crap editor with little skill.
    You might get some ideas of costs if you look at prices folk charge to video weddings.

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    OT: Impressive video Tim. Loved the Dali reference.

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    Hi Chew,

    You may have to forgive ye wise olde men of this forum, I am sure they have heard these promises 1000 times. Removing lines 4,6 and 7 from your first post may have helped

    I will be listening to your music tomorrow because I want to. If I get inspired, I may even make a simple video - but there's no promises and I won't be expecting to hit it rich with you either; I would do it for the good reasons that you stated.

    Your soundcloud has about 10 songs, your preference of 1,2 or 3 you would like videos done for would be a help.

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