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Thread: Hey all, 60 sec intro vids?

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    Default Hey all, 60 sec intro vids?

    This is the first time i visit your forums. My name is Nir, i'm a 22 y/o graphic design student from Israel.

    I was looking for a service that provides start ups with intro video for there site so i could recommend them to whom ever im working for in my web design projects, but i noticed i can't find any, i'm sure they are out there, but if i can't immediatly find them on Google, let's face it, they don't really exist. I am always up for challenges so i thougt why dont give it a go?.

    In my studies i have the wide range of Adobe's software at my disposal. Which software should i look into that is best suited to create those 60 seconds intro video for a buisness? I know it would take allot of time to develop the skill set for a commercial use, but you got to start some day right? why not now?...

    Thanks everybody!

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    Seriously a 120 clicks and not even 1 comment?...

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    Perhaps some readers are confused about your question. Adobe's Premiere and AfterEffects are well known for their Video editing functions; and can, of course, be used in conjunction with Photoshop. They are, I believe, perfectly able to create video files which can display in web pages. You should examine the different ways and file formats used on the web. And 'how' they are delivered. That will affect what format files you need to create.
    It is worth looking again at the basic functions in each of ther Adobe Products, to be clearer why Adobe chose to split up their system between lots of separate apps. And then looking to see how files may be passed between the different application.
    Does that help?

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    Certinly does. Well atlist it is a start .
    Do you know of any good tutorial sites?

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    Have to admit, I was confused too. At first I thought he was offering to make "Intros" - but I think OP's after advice on creating them.

    If it's 1) then invent some simple businesses and "obvious" jokey products....Like cough syrup for horses (supplied in gallon drums, so the horse can make music as the drum is emptied...((sorry, should's a play on words: Horse sounds like Hoarse which is a sore throat.))

    If it's 2) then I'm guessing few Student Starters will restrict their sights on such vids - until that is they become famous and can get all the work they need.
    So for 2) I'd say learn to use the software and do a few different movies to best-use the techniques you've learned.

    YouTube Tutorials cover things like Vid Editors, but the quality is a bit hit'n'miss.
    ...Hope that helps....

    Good luck.
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