The events will last anywhere from 2 hours to 9 hours. Obviously the camera will have to have a DC-in, as batteries would be an issue. Also the lens has to be wide enough to give me a general shot of the room, say the equivalent of a 35mm lens on an SLR. It also has to be decent enough not to give me a grainy image indoors.

It has to be something quite sturdy, not a camera that will have issues because it has been switched on for many hours in one go.

Any recommendations?


I need to stream and record live events. These are indoors, with a single wide angle shot (camera mounted on a bracket coming down from the ceiling, so no access to the camera itself during broadcast).

The idea is to get the video to a computer via firewire (using ethernet extenders because firewire only goes up to 5 metres) and then use Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to upload the stream to a server at the ISP (running Flash Media Server).

At the same time Flash Media Encoder will record the video locally on the PC's hard disk, so it can be archived on DVD, sent to people or whatever.

What I still have to decide is the camera.