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Thread: Need help figuring out freelance rates!!

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    Default Need help figuring out freelance rates!!

    Hi All. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum! If you point me in the right direction I'll go there instead.

    Anyway, I've sort of been head-hunted and offered some freelance filming and editing by a small but rapidly expanding commercial production company in the UK. The jobs are typically 3-5 minute videos for commercial companies. The production company have a lot of work on at the moment and want my help to clear the backlog of booked jobs. I've been asked to tell them my rates for freelance work but, being quite new to this whole video gig, I have no idea what to charge!

    For now, I'd be freelancing and, if it proves that they need to use me a lot (which they expect to), they will consider employing me as full-time member of their staff. They want me to quote rates for production and editing using my own kit (about 13-15k of DSLR gear...I'm a still photographer at heart!).

    So, what would people recommend as a good starting point? I'm planning on quoting full day rates as hourly rates or even half days don't seem like a great idea to me. I wasn't planning on offering different rates for production and editing as I'd rather be shooting than editing anyway but, if you guys think this is necessary, I might rethink this.

    Any help on this would be really appreciated!



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    I'm not sure if they are look to you to give them the finished product or just a daily filming rate.

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    A bit of both.

    In some cases, I'll be filming and subsequently editing my own footage so taking care of the whole process. In others I'll only be filming for somebody else to edit and in others still I'll be editing other people's footage.

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    Wow, new to video and already have a gig like this? I'm jealous

    I would charge day rates (around 300) for filming as travel and lugging equipment around make a half day rate non viable.

    As far as editing is concerned, if you're editing from home then I'd be a bit more flexible and offer half day rates as well (150-175 for half and 350 for a full).

    Well done and good luck.

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    Thanks dariv, that's great; exactly the sort of information I needed. So would you charge more for a day's editing than a day's filming? I was thinking of charging the same day rate but also offering a half-day rate for editing. Also, as I'm working for a production company rather than for clients directly, I assume that they'll be wanting to make some profit from the jobs, above and beyond my pay. Would my figure of 300ish allow them to do so?

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    If it's any help, we charge 45 ph for one cam and 75 for 2. Editing rates are 45ph. It's always hard to estimate a job from start to finish, as some clients chop and change, especially if the job has been quoted for at a fixed rate. The hourly rate means we chop and change as much as they want, it goes on the bill, and they soon learn to focus clearly knowing the bill mounts on their indecisiveness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RossFairgrieve View Post
    So would you charge more for a day's editing than a day's filming?
    I actually got that backwards, I would charge 350 for the filming and 300 for the editing, and 175 for half day editing. Whether they make a profit or not from that is a moot point, those are your rates and then it's up to you how flexible you are within that.

    If they're giving you tons of work and some of it only takes an hour or two and they REALLY want an hourly rate, then I'd go for 75 p/h for filming and 50 p/h for editing. When pricing always think to yourself; 'if I end up with that amount at the end of the day, will I be happy?' If the answer is no, then don't do it no matter how much work there is, because that'll simply mean you'll always be unhappy at the end of their jobs.

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