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Thread: Need to edit HD, Upgrade laptop or buy new?

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    Default Need to edit HD, Upgrade laptop or buy new?

    Hi, I would like to do simple editing (cutting) of recorded tv on Windows Media Center. Unfortunately my computer doesnt seem fast enough. (1st gen core i3 2.4 ghz, 4mb ram, 7200rpm HD). It is extremely slow trying to load the 10-15GB HD videos on Windows movie maker. (Processor goes imediately to 100% usage and video loads so slowly, I dont think ive ever seen it get to 3%). Is there any way I can upgrade my comp that will allow me to do simple cutting of these files? (discrete graphics, memory (8gb max i think), etc?). If not, what specs in a new machine would a need to achieve editing these files easily?

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    Also, I have read a few guides on offline editing, (used for slower comps to edit hd files). However, Sony Vegas doesnt read wtv or dvr-ms files. I have tried using Handbrake to convert them to mpeg-4, but the estimated time is usually 10-15 hrs per 10gb video.

    Any other ideas? A'll I want to do is cut out sections of the videos to save space on my hd.

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    Simple cuts like this on huge files (for example cutting out ads) is best done in dedicated software such as videoredo. Give it a go!

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    I actually just had somewhat of the same problem what I just did was free up computer space, make sure I didn't have unnecessary processes running, and it worked for me. I am not sure if it will help you out much but that's the best I have to offer. Sorry.
    Also if your wondering what I have for hardware in case you want to see. I have an HP G71 with an Intel Pentium dual-core 2.1 GHz and four GB of ram, and a 300 GB hard drive that spins at 5000 rpm or something like that.
    By the way how old is your computer? And can you afford a new one if you can't cut your clips?
    Also do you have anyway of moving the clips to a different computer and to attempt cutting them on there? That might work out better than all the other solutions I can give you.
    Sorry for the lengthy post.

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    you should get a desktop, laptops are rubbish

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