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    Lightbulb The Rebellion- episode 4 action series

    Hey guys it's been a while since I've been on here. But I looked at the last time I posted about the Rebellion was the first episode. I could right pages about what was wrong with it. Now, a good amount of time has past and we've learned a lot. This is the 4th episode in our series and since the first episode we've tried to elaborate on the characters and toned down the main character from being too much of a badass. But we are still learning and any feedback is welcome. We finished this about a couple months ago and are making some drastic changes to this series so stay tuned!
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    On the technical side you still seem to be falling into the same issues, auto exposure is going to give you a less than pleasing look to the video. It looks cheap seeing the camera burn out the light areas then adjust it’s self and the dark areas are often to dark. There are some shots which should have been shot using a tripod example around 7:15. On the blood front sometimes less is more. To me a massive red cloud of blood mist doesn't look real. The other thing to watch out for is "crossing the line" or breaking "the 180 rule" You did this in the hand fight scene which could be acceptable to create a confusion but you also did it in the "Company Tower" scene. On the sound side of things while it is not perfect you could hear most of what was being said. The music was fitting and well put together if a little loud in places compared to the dialogue.

    On a more positive side you seem totally committed to the project and this comes across from all the talent, props, locations etc. Some of the camera work is very good and the editing is well paced for this type of video. I feel that if you can up your game a couple of notches you’ll see your self how much better the whole production looks. This will mean planning the shots and taking the lighting into consideration By this I mean note what direction the sun is and set the scene around that you would perhaps not always but usually want the light shining on the face and not coming from behind the person etc.

    Hope these observations help.

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    Thanks for your input, really appreciate it. I'm not really in charge of the special effects, but when we watched it on my friends computer it looked good. But then we watched it on my tv and it looked like someone colored it with red crayons or something haha. And yes, we do need to work on the camera skills, thanks again for your thoughts.

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    The only thing I have to add is that if your actors are going to have biohazard suits and gas masks, then they should be wearing gloves. Otherwise, it doesn't look right.

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